Announcing: My Custom AR-15, bolt-action rifle and Pistol Website

For a while now, I've been very interesting in shooting and shooting sports. I've been working on building a gun customization shop in my basement, and have already built a powerful 30 caliber AR-15 (.300 AAC Blackout). I wanted to announce here that I've built a website dedicated to building and customizing AR-15's (especially), Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifles, and 1911-style pistols.

The website is Check it out and let me know what you think!

Authenticating Linux Machines Against AD

Centralized authentication is the pinnacle of systems management. In today's world of tens to hundreds to thousands of heterogeneous machines within an organization, management of users on each system would be impossible. This is why I wanted to explore authenticating Linux servers and desktops to the existing Windows Server 2008 R2 domain in my lab. Turns out, it's rather easy, and works really well.

Transparent Proxying with a Cisco Router and a Linux Box

In the lab network I have setup, I wanted to setup a transparent proxy. Why? Three main reasons. First, I run a wide-open WiFi hotspot, and I wanted to log traffic so that I would have some kind of audit trail should any issues arise. Second, I wanted to conserve Internet bandwidth usage by implementing caching. Last, I wanted to block pesky website ads (standard, pop-up, pop-under) and other malice. After some digging, I discovered that the Cisco 1841 router I had at the core of the network, and a Linux server in the rack, just may be the key.

OpenFiler 2.3 as iSCSI Target for VMware ESX 3.5.0

Where I work (an international mining and construction equipment manufacturer), we started looking into VMware's ESX product for virtualizing many of our servers. We decided on using two HP ProLiant DL360 G5 servers, each with (2) quad-core Intel Xeon processors and 24GB of RAM, to run ESX on.